Art Inspired by Travel – Jonathan Koshi and Molly McGrath


Secession Art and Design presents a new show, featuring the graphite drawings of Jonathan Koshi and the geometric designs of Molly McGrath. Join us for the opening reception on Friday, June 6, 6:30-9:30pm, 3361 Mission St.

Curator Eden Stein spoke with the artists about their travels and inspirations for their new work.

koshi_pencilJonathan Koshi

“My home is on Mission Street just blocks from Secession Art & Design. A hyper local exhibition. The doors in this collection are from Brussels, Paris, Rome, Florence, and Copenhagen. In the last drawing I mined old photos of mine and lifted tags from other cities, San Francisco and New York. I’ve long been fascinated with the door as a subject. Doors are passages between distinct realms in an environment and both keep you in and out. An open door can be simultaneously inviting and ominous while a closed door creates mystery and implies a line between public and private spaces.

The street art culture in Brussels, which I was only able to scratch the surface of, inspired this collection. I really appreciated the sense of play and whimsy in the graffiti-art. For example, it was hard not to fall in love with Le Cr√©on (The Pencil), the hits were everywhere, some with magnificent scale, some just tiny fun doodles you had to pay attention to find. Running through the work was a playful streak, a pencil opening a window on an upper floor of a building or a pencil skeleton outside the natural history museum.”

3Molly McGrath

“The Mission is home to my studio, and where I create¬†jewelry and home decor. I am most inspired by pattern that is found in architecture, be it an architectural screen, paving pattern, or wrought iron gate design. Textiles have always spoke to my art – my mom has an amazing collection of fabrics and I also love finding beautiful textiles and incorporating them into my work. Travel always plays muse. On a recent trip to Ecuador I was sitting in a restaurant eating goat stew and noticed these amazing fabric ‘paintings’ of buildings. The entire piece was composed of bits of fabric pasted together, it was amazing how the fabric conveyed shadow and depth. On a separate trip to Morocco it was impossible not to be inspired by the incredible tile work that was everywhere. This current series called Mosaic is definitely a synthesis of those two experiences!”