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  • Artist_HilaryWilliams

    Hilary Williams


    Since Hilary Williams first introduction to screen printing she has been enthralled by its graphic quality, bold colors, and the way it lends itself to layers. Hilary uses collages of photography, drawing, painting, and patterning…

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  • MollyM_Ternion1_400x600

    Molly M


    Molly McGrath is a designer based in the Mission District of San Francisco. She is professionally trained as an architect, and after using a laser cutter to make architectural models, she recognized the machine’s unique…

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  • 145887162.b2OCIO9u

    Renee DeCarlo Johnson


    Renee’s curiosity and focus lie in this disconnected space, where she finds direction in where and how to proceed – where the color will go, and which layers will float to the surface. Using gouache…

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  • Artist_RobSakovich

    Rob Sakovich


    “Robz” Sakovich is a local artist who was first introduced to art in the mid-80’s via the San Francisco graffiti scene. Shortly thereafter, he started experimenting with paintings on canvas and discovered that he had…

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  • Artist_GeoffreyCampen

    Geoffrey Campen


    Geoffrey Campen is an artist and architectural designer living and working in San Francisco. His work explores the parallels and contrasts between craft in his architectural work and the process of creating art. The contrasts…

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  • Artist_Mishography

    Michelle/Mish Heinemann/Mishography


    Michelle Heinemann is an emerging Bay Area artist currently residing in San Francisco. Mish works with mediums such as pencil, pastels, and spray paint, but finds acrylic paint to be the most inspiring and favorable…

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  • Artist_BirdMafia

    Bird Mafia


    Emily Brown of Bird Mafia, says her mission is to bring people handmade eco-friendly goods, hand-printed with original cut paper designs. Each design begins as paper which is hand cut with an x-acto knife, burned…

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  • Artist_Nate1

    Nate 1


    Nate 1’s work is inspired by Hip Hop and pop culture. Nate started painting graffiti in 1987, and now in 2012, he combines acrylic, spray paint, and stencils. He challenges himself on each work to…

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  • Artist_SirimaSataman

    Sirima Sataman


    Sirima Sataman (born Bangkok, Thailand) studied sculpture, printmaking and fiber arts at the Claremont Colleges, the American University in Rome, Italy and Temple/Tyler University in Rome, Italy. She has spent past several years criss-crossing continents…

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  • Artist_SonyaPhilip

    Sonya Philip


    Sonya Philip’s work is born of patience. There is a simple intricacy in each stitch and an incremental care in making things by hand. Philip’s loves to see how far she can push the craft…

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