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  • Artist_JulieMichelleSparenberg

    Julie Michelle Sparenberg


    San Francisco- based photographer Julie Michelle is looking for the unexpected and the unseen in her photography as she walks around the city’s neighborhoods. Fascinated by the kaleidoscope of rich detail that a city environment…

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  • Artist_MelissaWagner

    Melissa Wagner


    With a background in scientific illustration, Melissa Wagner’s work uses a variety of methods and media to engage the natural world and illuminate its earthly remnants. Through her work, Melissa strives to examine and magnify…

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  • Artist_dkhaas

    Dk Haas


    Dk Haas grew up in the Midwest in a working class family where art was a foreign language. And, as if making up for lost time, there is almost no place she’d rather be than…

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  • Artist_SoadKader

    Soad Kader


    Soad Kader almost always wants to sit by the window. She loves looking out – seeing and feeling different types of space, especially the change of perspective looking down, like when she is on a…

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  • Artist_Andrzej Michael Karwacki

    Andrzej Michael Karwacki


    Andrzej’s figure paintings explore ideas of fashion, human desire for love and beauty. His figure painting works use a variety of media. They are composed of written stories, which by use of newspapers and non-fiction…

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  • Artist_MikeKimball

    Mike Kimball


    Mike Kimball’s artwork focuses on the underlying geometric abstraction of the architecture and design found in the urban landscape, as well as the curious effect that time and chaos has on that geometric order as…

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  • Artist_KellyNicolaisen

    Kelly Nicolaisen


    Kelly Nicolaisen’s love for urban and natural settings sets the stage for ordinary people to become supporting actors in her work that are skillfully woven into spacious and dramatic horizons. Nicolaisen breathes life into still…

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  • Artist_LelaShields

    Lela Shields


    Like a collector searching for rare artifacts, Lela Shields is constantly sifting through experience and imagination, looking to extract the strikingly curious, inspirational and thought-provoking. Within this process, she feels a certain affinity with Europe’s…

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  • Artist_RachelZnerold2

    Rachel Znerold


    Growing up in the Colorado countryside, Rachel Znerold knew early on that she was different—she saw dazzling beauty in decomposing logs and scrawled wild designs on her sneakers. Now, as a painter, one-of-a-kind eco-fashion designer,…

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  • Artist_Eddie

    Eddie [Colla]


    There is a visual conversation that takes place on the streets of urban environments. This conversation is dominated primarily by advertising and utilitarian signage and assumes passive participation. Whether invited or not, Eddie participates in…

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