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  • Artist_AlexGarcia1

    Alex Garcia


    Garcia’s art is an intersection of complex textures, bold colors, function and beauty, inspired by the vibrancy of his birthplace, Buenos Aires, and childhood years in both Chicago and New York City. He breathes new…

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  • Artist_NicoleMarkoff

    Nicole Markoff


    Nicole Markoff, best known for her clothing line, Nicacelly, is now returning to her original craft of textile sculpture. Markoff believes that fine art is born from fine craft, and marries the two with a…

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  • Artist_TommyNoshitsky

    Tommy Noshitsky


    Born in France, raised in Paris, Noshitsky was influenced by the ever emerging urban art culture. This exposure helped shape how he designs today. His love for San Francisco fostered his interest in digital design,…

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  • Artist_BrittanyMPowell

    Brittany M. Powell


    Brittany M. Powell was born in Naples, Italy, grew up in the southern United States and has been in a love affair with Northern California for the last eleven years. Drawing upon her documentary training…

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  • Artist_PeterAndrea

    Peter Andrea


    Peter’s technique has evolved from his experiences in art, design, and fabrication. The pieces are rendered from a palette of truly mixed-media: merging iconic design elements, organic forms, and reclaimed materials with color and carvings…

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  • Artist_furyONE2



    Fury is an original first generation San Francisco graffiti artist. He has had some form of public art on the streets of SF for the last 25 years. Now he has turned his spray-paint stylings…

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  • Artist_LindaLarson

    Linda Larson


    Linda Larson’s paintings depict the natural world in a heightened reality, granting commonplace sights with an almost supernatural quality. Secession Event 2009

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  • Artist_IvyJacobsen

    Ivy Jacobson


    Ivy Jacobson strives to create a place of magical realism in her landscapes, balancing magical elements with real world rendering of flora and Fauna found in our natural world. Jacobson uses oil paint, bronzing powder,…

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  • aristannasimson

    Anna Morales Simson


    Simson’s artwork is built layer by layer. The initial inspiration can be something as seemingly mundane as a recipe for salsa verde, or a Mexican proverb about true love. Over time, however, the ideas expand…

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  • Artist_BrianSchuck

    Brian Schuck


    With an emphasis on color and composition, Brian Schuck makes screen prints depicting the world around him. These handmade prints of his friends and neighbors at leisure, examine how people take breaks from their hectic…

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