• eelos_adavila_ylopez_butterflies_web



    A collaborative series from artists Andreina Davila and Ytaelena Lopez, working together as “/eE.l.o.s/.” Andreina says, “This year, Yta and I are finally materializing projects after months and months of brainstorming and preparation with the creation…

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  • DoubleDiamondLeft_med__86633.1468533896.1280.1280

    Amy Ahlstrom


    Amy Ahlstrom holds a Master of Fine Arts in Fiber from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fiber from Northern Illinois University. Based in the San Francisco Bay…

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  • artnwordzeinstein



    We’re a couple of passionate souls, dedicated to bringing artwork to people that moves them in some way. We take damaged paper recondition it and then match the images we create to dictionaries, world atlas and sheet music pages 80 to 125 years old. This…

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  • Artist_ThePoetryStore3

    Silvi Alcivar


    Silvi Alcivar’s work, rooted in creating typewritten poems on demand, is interested in what happens when obstruction and objective meet. Using multiple layers of repeated words, sounds, and natural images, Silvi presents a world teeming…

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  • Artist_Andreina_Davila

    Andreina Davila


    Growing up, Andreina spent her weekends immersed in the landscape at her family farm in Mérida, Venezuela. Her intrinsic connection to nature combined with her background in architecture and her interest in graphic expression nurtured…

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  • BH_HipHopStereo



    BUGHOUSE by Jeff Klarin is an art and design studio creating limited edition artwork and furniture in Los Angeles. Exploring and pushing the boundaries of conventional fabrication and visual representation inspired Klarin’s Wall of Sound…

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  • heather_waxbill

    Heather Robinson


    Heather has been a part of Secession since its inception, working at her studio located within the gallery. Heather’s works strike a balance between precise design and spontaneous, intuitive gesture. In her paintings, she incorporates materials…

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  • Artist_HilaryWilliams

    Hilary Williams


    Since Hilary Williams first introduction to screen printing she has been enthralled by its graphic quality, bold colors, and the way it lends itself to layers. Hilary uses collages of photography, drawing, painting, and patterning…

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  • 145887162.b2OCIO9u

    Renee DeCarlo Johnson


    Renee’s curiosity and focus lie in this disconnected space, where she finds direction in where and how to proceed – where the color will go, and which layers will float to the surface. Using gouache…

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  • Artist_RobSakovich

    Rob Sakovich


    “Robz” Sakovich is a local artist who was first introduced to art in the mid-80’s via the San Francisco graffiti scene. Shortly thereafter, he started experimenting with paintings on canvas and discovered that he had…

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