• adelyn



    For the spirited romantic who tangos her way from the office to the dance floor. Inspired by the elegance of dance and movement, our goal is to create classic clothing that keeps you looking and…

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  • Designer_AnimalInstincts1

    Animal Instincts


    Animal Instincts Apparel started in San Francisco, California in 2008 by Jamai Lowell. All of the designs are from Lowell’s original pencil sketches. His style is influenced by a mix of street art, fine art…

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  • Designer_avalove

    Ava Love


    For avalove, it’s about transforming every day moments into moments that transcend with the hope that everyone who wears avalove has an “a-ha” moment in which they believe magic is real! avalove views her prints…

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  • Designer_BridgeandBurn

    Bridge and Burn


    Bridge & Burn have made a name for themselves with their classic yet minimalistic outerwear inspired by the military and hunting jackets worn by the designers’ grandfather. Their sleek, yet warm wool coats and waxed…

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  • Designer_MirandaCaroligne

    Miranda Caroligne


    Miranda Caroligne represents the work of Miranda C. Burns. While Miranda’s talents range from performance art to philosophy, and installation art to authorship, her primary focus is the creation of wearable art from salvaged textiles….

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  • Designer_DDCC1



    DDCC’s line of apparel and accessories for women was designed by owner and director Diana Mitchell, who aspires to create stylish clothing made from natural fibers. With a talent and passion for patternmaking, Diana wanted…

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  • Designer_De Novo

    De Novo Designer Coats


    With more than a decade of design and pattern expertise, Elizabeth Holliday of De Novo creates beautiful enduring style. From pattern to finish, she loves the process. Holliday wears and tries out all the styles…

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  • Designer_DumbClothing2

    Dumb Clothing


    Paula Fletcher is one trouble-making, hyper-creative Scorpio, who can make a dress and pair of pants in 20 minutes – and takes living on her own terms, as literally as one person can. A fashion…

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  • designer-emaajewelry

    Emaa Jewelry


    Growing up in California, Emaa has always appreciated exploring the outdoors. She began collecting small flowers, leaves, moss, seed pods and started incorporating these botanicals into her jewelry. Inspired by the shape of the materials…

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  • Designer_LindaFahey

    Linda Fahey


    Linda’s focus is to create beautiful and engaging pieces that engender what she thinks of as dynamic simplicity. She is passionate about the down-to-earth approachable nature of her work whatever the pattern, shape or design….

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