• Designer_FiveDigitDesigns

    Five Digit Design


    Five Digit Design is the creative venture of Dory Simons, occasional designer and full-time mother of two. Based in San Francisco, she draws inspiration from her children and the unique neighborhoods of the city.

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  • Designer_FoliaDesign2

    Folia Designs


    Jessica Coleman lives and works in San Francisco. Her academic training and professional experience in landscape architecture and urban design can be seen in all aspects of Folia Design SF. Jessica finds inspiration in the…

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  • Designer_GhettoGoldilocks

    Ghetto Goldilocks


    GhEttO GoLdiLocKs is the clothing line created by Briget Campbell. She has found a passion for reconstructing old and unwanted clothes into fresh, new wearable fashion. She was introduced to the arts by her mother,…

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  • Designer_AmosGoldbaum2

    Amos Goldbaum


    Goldbaum started selling his drawings on the street about three years ago, and built up his curbside shop to include prints and t-shirts. He credits his mother, who “always put a pencil in my hand…

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  • Gutterpup



    A San Francisco clothing company.

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  • HartVariations



    An artist and designer originally from Portland, Oregon, Katie has become inspired by the year-round splashes of color her new environs in the Bay Area have to offer and has enjoyed the process of allowing…

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  • Designer_HelloSisters

    Hello Sisters


    HELLO SISTERS is a collective made up of three sisters who work in the arts: advertising, clothing design and acting. HELLO SISTERS allows them the freedom to craft items for the pure pleasure of making…

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  • Designer_HilsideBags

    Hilside Bags


    Hilary Wehlitz realized back in high school that everyone needs a bag… and a bag for their bag. In time, Hilside Bags’ was born, with a functional product that is not only environmentally friendly and…

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  • Designer_InnaJam

    Inna Jam


    Started by Dafna Kory after she tasted some delicious Jalapeno jam at a friends’ Thanksgiving dinner a few years back, and upon not being able to find this jam at any store, she decided to…

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  • isso



    Made, found or designed in the Bay Area.  

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