“City Sounds” by Bughouse and Rob Sakovich at Blackbird Bar March 31 – June 1


Secession Art & Design’s art by Bughouse and Rob Sakovich is the perfect combo at the stylish Blackbird Bar in the Castro.

Bughouse’s Wall of Sounds series is inspired by the art of collecting, each photograph showcases realistic images of vinyl, cassette tapes, and stereo equipment printed on canvas, or heat transferred onto wood. From a distance, vinyl art and typography appear abstract. Your personal music experience is entertained as you take a closer look, and start to read the art. Music offers a powerful genre to explore, and meditate. Tactile moments are recorded in memory by the art of making a mix tape, or carefully putting the needle down on your favorite record. Reconnecting with this imagery, and knowing it is not lost forever allows the viewer to approach this art with conversation and connection.

As an old skool graffiti artist, Rob Sakovich has spent the past 25 years creating graffiti murals around San Francisco. Instead of discarding his used cans once his art was complete, he envisioned the reuse of his artistic tool. Years later, and with more than enough spray cans in his possession, Sakovich embarked on a new visionary journey, using his cans as his canvas. His beautiful 3-D scenes of the City depict such landmarks as the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sipping a Market St Manhattan and a nostalgic nudge makes for a perfect evening out in the Castro.

Our Art Annex at Blackbird is featuring original work by Bughouse and Rob Sakovich.
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