Hearts and Doors are Re-Opened at Secession Art & Design in time for Valentine’s Day



February 5, 2015 | 6:30-9:30 PM

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12-7

3235 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

February 3, 2015, San Francisco, CA—Secession Art & Design is pleased to announce its reopening at 3235 Mission Street just in time for Valentine’s Day. The gallery and boutique located in Bernal Heights will open the doors of its new retail location this Thursday, February 5, 2015 6:30-9:30 with its first exhibition in the back room, Open, featuring works by San Francisco-based artists, Silvi Alcivar and Shannon Weber. Open will be on view through March 29.

After seven years of operating at 3361 Mission Street, Secession Art & Design’s commercial lease was not renewed. In the current state of the San Francisco economy, with outlandish rents and all odds stacked against her, Secession Art & Design owner Eden Stein didn’t know what the future held. Through sheer will, powerful persuasion and the help of her community, Stein will open Secession Art and Design’s new location.

Stein is pleased to welcome long time clients and new customers into the second incarnation of Secession Art & Design. With 600 square feet of additional retail space Secession will display locally made jewelry, clothing and art from the permanent collection in front, and mount a revolving program of gallery exhibitions in the back room.

The first exhibition is Open, a two woman show featuring works by Silvi Alcivar and Shannon Weber. In Open, Silvi Alcivar, better known around the Bay Area for her artistic endeavor The Poetry Store, will present a group of works from her latest series “To Begin the Year.” Composed of typewritten text, spirit animals, and small mark-making gestures, Alcivar’s work provides a visual inquiry about the relationship to self, the process of healing and the state of paying attention while being alive. Meticulously constructed, many of her pieces incorporate the frame, which create shadows that imply self-contained worlds where humans can interact with the natural world (animals) and the spiritual world (poetry). “To Begin the Year” is romantic and moody, meditative and quietly provocative–nudging the viewer into inquiry and contemplation.

In contrast, Shannon Weber’s work is straightforward and openly accessible. Made of quick notes stenciled onto wood planks such as “BE OPEN”, “THINK YES” and “YOU ARE ENOUGH,” Weber uses inspirational language in order to push a cultural zeitgeist of love and acceptance into the collective consciousness. Weber’s artistic practice is usually found outside, in open urban spaces and through public spaces such as her website, which encourages people to share these messages throughout their own communities, as well as share the stories of seeing these “love notes” in the their daily lives. This will be the first time Weber’s love notes will grace the walls of a gallery, providing the opportunity to bring these messages of love into the home.

Open is a celebration of the labor of love, of being able to once again, provide the community with special, thoughtful objects from local artists and artisans.

About Silvi Alcivar

Silvi Alcivar, best known as the poetry store, is interested in what happens when obstruction and objective meet. in this collection: the objective—to translate her poems about beginning the year into visual pieces inspired by spirit animals. and turn had been sewn lines into india ink drawings. the obstruction—as always, the typewriter which can only create a piece as wide as its margin. For more information: www.thepoetrystore.net

About Shannon Weber

Shannon Weber is a San Francisco-based ephemeral artist on a mission to change the world, one love note at a time. She is also an ordained minister, a commissioned altarista for Dia de los Muertos/The Marigold Project, a Maker Faire 2014 participant, a TEDx Encinitas 2014 presenter, an Awesome Foundation grantee. She recently created an art installation at Burning Man Center Cafe 2014. At www.LoveYou2.org she posts about her adventures documenting signs of love, installing public art love notes, and reflecting on life’s loves.

About the Gallery

Secession Art & Design opened its Bernal Heights location in August of 2007, and has since grown to represent over 50 independent artists and designers. The retail location is a gallery, boutique, and workspace combined, creating an untraditional storefront that allows customers to experience curated shows by owner, Eden Stein, and see the process of art and jewelry being made in-house by Heather Robinson and Colleen Mauer. In 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Secession was awarded Best Art Gallery by San Francisco Bay Guardian readers, for continuing to push the envelope in exhibitions and wearable art.

Gallery Contact: Eden Stein | 415-279-3058 | eden@secessionsf.com