Heather Robinson at Blackbird Art Annex

Heather Robinson at Blackbird

June 3 – August 4

Secession Art & Design is pleased to present Embellished, a solo show by Heather Robinson at the stylish Blackbird Bar. Graphic pattern, gold geometric accents, and attention to detail give windows to the rich layers created in this body of work. Beginning with a decorative fabric, then alternately obscuring and accentuating the underlying pattern with paint, metal leaf, and embroidered details, Robinson hopes to strike a beautiful balance between precise design and spontaneous, intuitive gesture. Textiles reimagined with some glitz and glamour pair well with a classic cocktail with a modern twist.


Blackbird Bar
2124 Market St, San Francisco


Heather Robinson

In 2001, Heather moved to San Francisco and become a successful freelance designer. When the dot-com collapse came, it was the opportunity of a lifetime, and she began doing what she most wanted: art, full-time. She began with a focus on collage, which followed naturally from web design — bringing together existing elements in a pleasing and distinctive way. Slowly, as she grew and changed, she started painting, but she never left the world of mixed media. Heather still incorporates handwork and other elements of collage into her art. However, she crafts many of the individual elements herself. At a time when our culture is seeing a resurgence of traditional crafts — lace, crocheting, embroidery and other handwork – Heather is integrating these crafts into her rich and varied canvases. She lives in San Francisco with her family and makes art, every day.

Featured Art by Heather Robinson