Hilary Williams at Blackbird Art Annex

Hilary Williams

October 3 – November 24

Join us for warming drinks at Blackbird Bar in the Castro to see original art by Hilary Williams. Inspired by typography and botanicals, this collection invites you into a world where the scenery is playful and abundant. This stylish bar is the perfect background to an original and bold mixed media show.

Blackbird Bar 2124 Market St, San Francisco

“From the beginning of the conception of this show I knew I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to use a different approach to my images as well as creating a new conversation with them. I will say that it took me a few tries, a couple months and a few paintings in to figure out what that meant this time around. I guess I had envisioned something completely revolutionary, but in the end what came out was very much distinctly Hilary Williams, but with a new twist. I have to say that I am very excited about the pieces and the body of work as a whole.

 I have always been inspired by flora, and the tug of the human created landscape with the natural one, but this time I decided to let the flora prevail, creating landscapes more infused and overrun with it. However it does not go so far as an apocalyptic vision of a city abandoned to nature. There is still very much the human element living in the landscape, making everything quite a bit hallucinatory and dreamlike”.

Since Hilary Williams’ first introduction to screen printing she has been enthralled by its graphic quality, bold colors, and the way it lends itself to layers. Hilary uses collages of photography, drawing, painting, and patterning to create layers of images with meaning. Her works deal with a variety of emotions about the coexistence of our urban landscape, nature and humanity. In creating her paintings, Williams composes layers of acrylic, screen printing and other mixed media materials, onto fabric stretched panels. Each piece is presented on a 2″ deep panel, ready to hang and signed by the artist.