Hilary Williams and Nate 1 through January 26

Hilary Williams and Nate 1

Happiness is living with art! Curating Secession Art & Design has been my passion for the past seven years. Connecting you with art and hearing your stories makes each day worth the adventure. Happy 2014!

Choose from 18 original paintings and a selection of prints  by Hilary Williams. Inspired by typography and botanicals, this collection invites you into a world where the scenery is playful and abundant.


Our love for Sutro Tower and local bridges is for real in Nate 1’s graffiti style paintings. His art on the streets began in 1987, now in 2014, he combines acrylic, spray paint, and stencils.


Clothing at Secession
Our gallery at Secession is featuring original paintings by Hilary Williams and Nate 1.
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