Deborah Steinberg, Ian Liffmann, and Frankie Burton


Ever since moving to Bernal Heights three years ago, I have absolutely loved stopping by Secession to see what’s new, and have done so quite frequently. It has been one of my go-to sources of gifts for my friends, and awesome clothing for myself. I purchased the limited edition piece of album-art by Bughouse after meeting Jeff Klarin at an opening – it is an awesome feeling to meet the artist that you are buying art from, and I feel that makes me appreciate it even more. When I walked in one day and saw a new set of paintings by Hilary Williams, I immediately fell in love! I ended up buying two small square pieces that complimented each other to go above the bookcases in my apartment. When I put them up on the wall, my housemates and I noted that some greenery would look amazing in combination with them, so we contacted Ken Shelf of Succulence to help us figure out what to do with the space. He came up with a great plan, and the plants that we now have on our wall and on the bookshelves, in combination with the art, really makes the room a space I want to relax in. I feel so fortunate that I live in a neighborhood where I can walk a few blocks and support local businesses by buying art and plants from locals who truly love and care about the community as much as I do!

A Bernal home featuring Hilary Williams.


Bughouse Vinyl spines above mantle in a lush living room.