Jennifer Chang and Jeff Rueppel

Jennifer and Jeff

” I love how these two artists capture the spirit of a neighborhood in their work. I had long been a fan of Hilary Williams’ art. After I moved to “Bernal Flats”, I discovered she was having a show at Secession Gallery. I saw “Drums and Buns”, which depicts MY BLOCK, and I had to have it. After seeing Nate 1’s work at the gallery, we had no wall space left in our home, but I could not get his pieces out of my head. I walked home carrying “3300 Club” along Mission Street shortly thereafter (big canvas plus wind = exciting in more ways than one!) and sent a piece of art to storage to make room for it.

It’s wonderful to be able to meet and support local artists at the gallery. Knowing the artists makes the art more meaningful, as though it being of my neighborhood weren’t personal enough.

Eden also curates an amazing selection of clothing, jewelry, and housewares. I almost always leave with something unique and beautiful that I can’t wait to wear. Secession Gallery is one of the best things about this neighborhood! ”

Jennifer and Jeff own “Drums and Buns” by Hillary Williams, and “3300 Club” by Nate 1.

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