Julie Bullock at Blackbird Art Annex January 27 – March 30

Julie Bullock photography

Julie Bullock’s new collection, Branchwater Brown, reveals the elegant and subtly nuanced portraits of the bartenders and owners who make Blackbird Bar a gathering space.

She enhances these qualities with her use of the painterly Van Dyke printing process, with its rich browns and soft, varied textures.  While sipping drinks, the viewer connects with the creative intelligence beneath the surface charms of the craftspeople at work. Bullock’s photographs reveal the way that in the hands of a skilled craftsperson, the apparently simple practice of serving drinks becomes an artistic experience.

Bullock is a proud Tennessee girl with a Californian spirit.  She has created portraits and vignettes either directly steeped in history— the faded uniform of a war re-enactor— or suggestive of the past— a woman’s tattooed legs composed in serpentine against a texture of fallen leaves.

Secession Art & Design is pleased to curate Branchwater Brown by Julie Bullock at the stylish Blackbird Bar in the Castro. The photographer plays with nostalgic techniques to capture the haunting and beautiful character of the Blackbird crew in deep shades of brown. Upon first sight the picture may look like a worn photograph from a hundred or more years ago. The images take on a life of their own that is sometimes accidental and unexpected, just like the romantic experience of cocktails and conversation. Please join us for happy hour on Saturday, February 8 to meet the artist and have drinks of course.
Our Art Annex at Blackbird is featuring original photographs by Julie Bullock.
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Featured Art by Julie Bullock