Mark Brunner and Dianne Hoffman January 27 – March 30

February 2014 postcard

Love is in the air at Secession Art & Design with a curious and beautiful show featuring Mark Brunner and Dianne Hoffman.

Art that hints at the past, reclaims what could have been lost, and stops you in your tracks to take a second look. Wonder and humor play hand in hand through the stories created on the wall in oil and assemblage. Imagination and inspiration pull you into a world that explores history, love, the unknown, and the perfect moment of discovery.

Mark Brunner

Los Angeles-based artist Mark Brunner shows a series of paintings featuring imagery from the ongoing series HumanTreeRobot. 

Kilo Uniform Echo” is a title taken from signal flags used in maritime communication.  The flags, and their respective names, represent three letters in the alphabet; K, U, and E.  The flags’ meanings are:

Kilo:  I wish to communicate
Uniform: You are heading into danger
Echo: I am altering course (to starboard)

These names and meaning of “Kilo Uniform Echo” connect to established themes in the HumanTreeRobot series; the balance of human experience, technology and the environment, and the harmony or discordance of these subjects.

These paintings form a storyline.  From left to right (or starboard), robots arrive in airships, both symbols of the height of science and technology past and present.  Their arrival alters the landscape.  Towards the center of the series, a robot steps towards us as if to say, “I wish to communicate.”  The middle pieces in the series represent human condition and environmental fragility.  A human figure, having interacted with another, its environment and having collected data from the robot, steps forward to announce a present danger.  The last panel, “Echo”, a lone tree stands, absent of technology, absent of humans – a course altered.

Dianne Hoffman

SoCal-raised artist Dianne Hoffman has been creating assemblages in her home studio in San Francisco since 2007.

“I have a tendency to personify inanimate objects and feel genuine compassion for those that are damaged or disregarded. I see potential in broken bits and find beauty in rust and erosion. The older an object, the more haunting and alluring its ghost. The art of assemblage allows me to indulge these concepts by creating small worlds in a box where tall tales are told, jokes are cracked, emotions stirred, poems imparted and songs are sung.  By using images that replicate the past and objects that authenticate it, my pieces become storytellers, dream interpreters and memory inducers. They are innately lyrical and flicker along to their own silent film.

I like to link organic objects from nature with metallic, industrial remnants and combine complimentary muted color schemes to harmonize dissimilar media. The narrative facet of each piece often derives from the variety of music I am listening to and the train of thought it takes me on. Their dimension and design beckon the viewer to raise an eyebrow and lean in for a closer look.”

Secession Art & Design
3361 Mission St, San Francisco

Our gallery at Secession is featuring original artwork by Mark Brunner and Dianne Hoffman.
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