Miranda Caroligne


Miranda Caroligne represents the work of Miranda C. Burns. While Miranda’s talents range from performance art to philosophy, and installation art to authorship, her primary focus is the creation of wearable art from salvaged textiles. She was raised in the nature of woodlands and oceans, nestled among a pile of scrap fabric with a needle in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other. Formally trained and licensed as a Physical Therapist (MSPT), Miranda has her own unique way of tailoring garments to enhance body form and mechanics. Miranda’s creations are based on much more than aesthetics. Her work is infused with concepts of individual self-expression, DIY practices, realistic body image, diminishing waste, supporting local economies and sustainable living. This ethos is masterfully woven together to recall the forms of yesteryear and the function of today with an otherworldly edge — a heartfelt core philosophy she calls “neoarchaic.” Miranda’s designs have been available to the public since August 2001, and are proudly adorned by performers and fascinating individuals for their playfully dramatic qualities. Her fashion performances and stunning one-of-a-kind creations have established her as a bright star in San Francisco’s constellation of provocative artist-designers.