Poetry and photography for the ones you love


Shop for your Valentine this weekend 12-7pm

Art makes a great Valentine’s gift to the one you love, and to the friends that love you no matter what. Secession Art & Design’s current show “before we rise” is a collaboration between poet Silvi Alcivar and photographer Donald Kinney. Silvi’s poetry collection ranges between $30 and $250. Donald’s beautifully-framed photos feature San Francisco and beyond, in moments that remind you why you live in this flirty city. Together they’ve created a set of 15 limited-edition pieces that combine their talents to make love letters to the Bay Area. Curating this show and watching the collection go on the wall made me clutch my heart – I’m so crushed on their work! Come in to see for yourself this weekend, 12-7pm.


“Twisted tree with sun, China Camp” by Donald Kinney
“resist” by Silvi Alcivar

Donald Kinney and Silvi Alcviar limited-edition collaboration