Richard Radford

Rich Radford

Rich Radford, born and raised in South Africa has called Bernal Heights home for the past fifteen years. His early years exploring both the diverse fauna and flora of his native country, combined with his later professional training as a Landscape Architect, have allowed him to capture elements through the lens of his camera with a unique eye for texture, pattern, and structure. For Rich, the process of capturing an image is built upon time spent moving patiently through diverse landscapes. His photographs portray brief moments in nature that are held within the greater mystery of our planet. Through his work, Rich hopes to connect people more intimately with the intricacies of thenatural world.

“It is said that the Buddha once gave a sermon without saying a word; he merely held up a flower to his listeners. This was the famous “Flower Sermon,” a sermon in the language of patterns, the silent language of flowers. What does the pattern of the flower speak about?” -Gyorgy Doczi: The Power OF Limit