Open Studios Show, Featuring Rob Sakovich and Silvi Alcivar

Rob Sakovich and Silvi Alcivar

October 2 – November 24, 2013

Secession Art & Design’s fall collection of art, jewelry, clothing, and decor are warming up our gallery and boutique. We’re showcasing over 50 independent makers. Let us style your home with art, and you with hand-made clothing for men, women, and urban little ones. Check our brand new show Connection, featuring spray can art by Rob Sakovich, and hand-sewn birds with a background of poetry by Silvi Alcivar.

Rob Sakovich

“Robz” Sakovich is a local artist who was first introduced to art in the mid-80’s via the San Francisco graffiti scene. Shortly thereafter, he started experimenting with paintings on canvas and discovered that he had a passion for creating photorealistic, impressionistic art. After 20-plus years of fine art painting, he returned to his roots and started a new collection of pieces featuring recycled spray paint cans as his canvas.

Silvi Alcivar
something happened after my mom died: i couldn’t get words out. it felt strange and terrible. i was used to making words appear as readily as my lungs brought breath to my mouth. without words, it seemed i’d forgotten how to breathe. but i wasn’t dead. i hadn’t actually forgotten how to breathe. i had just forgotten how good it felt to take a deep belly breath in, to let it out, nice and slowly, and do it again and again and again. and then it hit me: aha! repetition. something about it felt like a beginning, or at least, the place to start. so i began repeating lines of text, single words, and simple lines strung together to make the shapes of birds sewn meticulously by hand. over and over again: words. sewn lines. words. sewn lines.

the repetition became rest. a kind of meditation. and space. a kind of active contemplation for my hands over a blank page. and it made a kind of quiet. a kind of simplicity and aliveness in which my poet self took flight again in the careful chaos of crossed lines, in running fingers over the same typewriter keys until they filled a page, in seeing out a plan for a piece, and most especially, in leaving room for happy accidents. i was, in essence, doing what so many birds do: trusting instinct. taking flight. finding a place to land. i hope you find a place to land in this collection, too. or at least, a little bit of quiet, contemplation, or maybe just an impulse to follow your feeling, even if just for a breath or two.


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