Say it loud and proud with a Mission Thread t-shirt

Secession Art & Design has stocked up our t-shirt collection for spring. We have something for everyone in the family, even onesies for the babies. Last week I put our SCIENCE! tees for men and kids in the window. Not an hour goes by that I don’t hear someone shout “Science!” to all of Mission Street. Thank you Torsten from Mission Thread for making this shirt. It’s a crowd-pleaser, and now a shirt that lots of families will be wearing to the March for Science.

Reconstructed t-shirt dresses by Ghetto Goldilocks are now at the store. After taking a break from designing to raise two small children, and then moving from Oakland to Maui, Brigit is back in action. This is a great example of how to keep t-shirts out of the landfill. By giving them a new life in bright spring colors you will stand out, and know you have supported both a designer and the environment. You will have to stop by Secession to see for yourself – each one is unique.

Celebrate Fashion Revolution next week. Shop Secession, and tell people who give you compliments the name of the designer who made your clothes.

XO Eden


Science T-shirt by Mission Thread | Reconstructed dress by Ghetto Goldilocks