Secession Art & Design Presents Synchronicity featuring /eE.lo.s/, Andreina Davila and Renee DeCarlo Johnson


Opening: Thursday, April 7, 2016 |  6 – 9pm
Exhibition Dates: March 29 – May 29, 2016
3235 Mission St, San Francisco |
Artists will be in attendance at the opening

March 17, 2016, San Francisco, CASecession Art & Design is excited to present Synchronicity, our Spring Art collection featuring paintings by /eE.lo.s/, encaustics by Andreina Davila, and mixed-media screenprints by Renee DeCarlo Johnson. The show explores the connection between these artists and the natural world, and how random energy comes together.  We set out with the goal of capturing the precise moment when inspiration, collaboration, and technique harmonize.

/eE.lo.s/ is a collaboration between artists Ytalaena Lopez and Andreina Davila. The subject of their current series Fauna is the process of transformation where the individual, depicted as an animal, becomes one with the place. The animal becomes the place and the place becomes the animal. For the artists, as native Spanish speakers, the verb “TO BE” can have two meanings: the state of being in a place (“estar”) and a definition of who we are (“ser”). This duality is central to the dialog that takes place in the series between the environment and the animal. They interact with each other, developing a joint identity, much as it happens in life, where our actions help define and shape us and the environment around us.

Growing up, Andreina Davila spent her weekends immersed in the landscape at her family farm in Mérida, Venezuela. Her intrinsic connection to nature, combined with her background in architecture and her interest in graphic expression, nurtured her as an artist who aims to capture in her work the organic character of living things. Throughout her work, intricate textures, organic lines, and a free use of pointillism are recurrent visual elements that are weaved forming a fluid and fragile mesh that represents how everything in life is connected and constantly changing.

For Renee DeCarlo Johnson, art is the practice of experimentation and invention – experimentation of materials, and the invention of relationships formed between materials. She considers each piece she creates as the member of a much larger whole – collaborating among clusters of pieces within each series. She builds each series en masse, and each series contains a redundancy of components and processes, layered and altered within.

Secession Art & Design opened our first Bernal Heights location in August of 2007, and has since grown to represent over 50 independent artists and designers. Our retail location is a gallery, boutique, and workspace combined, creating an untraditional storefront that allows customers to experience curated shows by owner, Eden Stein, and see the process of art being made in-house by Heather Robinson. In 2010 and 2012 through 2014, Secession was awarded Best Art Gallery by San Francisco Bay Guardian readers, for continuing to push the envelope in exhibitions and wearable art.

Gallery Contact: Eden Stein