SF Weekly 2014 “Best Of” Award


Best Place to Get that Last-Minute Gift for Your Mom, Girlfriend, or Wife San Francisco 2014 – Secession Art and Design


“Whether or not women are easier to shop for than men is fodder for a panel debate. But, this much is true: Many more women have pierced ears, wear bracelets, or enjoy brooches, than their male counterparts. So there’s that. Men looking for those last-minute gifts for mom or the women in their lives may be a bit envious after visiting Secession, Eden Stein’s shop and gallery on the cusp of Bernal Heights. Dozens of local designers crafted the jewelry, shirts, handbags, d├ęcor, and paintings found here; often someone is wielding a blowtorch in the back room. Tastes range from conservative to eclectic; prices range from moderate to That’s a Hell of a Gift! There may not be something for everyone, but there’s a lot for a lot. The blowtorch, sadly, is not for sale.”

Secession inside