Silvi Alcivar


Silvi Alcivar’s work, rooted in creating typewritten poems on demand, is interested in what happens when obstruction and objective meet. Using multiple layers of repeated words, sounds, and natural images, Silvi presents a world teeming with poems, whose message and meaning are for you to hold in your hands. Silvi Alcivar’s poetry lives in the moment two strangers meet over her red Royal typewriter–the anonymity an invitation to speak, the typewriter keys a willing listener. Silvi uses the same of-the-moment process to create poetry art pieces and jewelry, allowing images on the page to speak inspiration for the poems that will accompany them.

In this collection, titled ‘to make more happiness,’ the repetition became a kind of rest, an active meditation as my hands typed repeated words onto blank pages and meticulously pulled thread through acetate to make the shapes of birds. the goal: to make and feel a kind of quiet, the kind that comes from simplicity and doing what so many birds do–trusting instinct. taking flight. finding a place to land.

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